1. rotate, spin, revolve, Archaic. trundle; swivel, pivot, wheel, caracole; roll, rev, twirl, twiddle, crank; reel, circumvolve, circumrotate, gyre; gyrate, circle, whirl, circumduct; swirl, eddy, circulate, move in circles, go round; (of the hips) bump, grind.
2. change, alter, shift, move, divaricate; diverge, deviate, divagate, detour; sheer, change course, veer; veer off, angle off, shoot off, sidetrack, shunt, rechan-nel.
3. reverse, invert, interchange, transpose, transplace; turn over, flip over, turn topsy-turvy, subvert; retrovert, retroflex, back, turn back, reverse the course of; wheel around, veer around, swing around, turn about, turn on one's heels, make a U-turn, Sl. pop or bang a U-ie; flip, tip, turn upside down, topple, tilt, upturn; introvert, evert, turn inside out, fold, invaginate, intusscept.
4. change, convert, resolve, modify, permute, mutate; vary, permutate, reorganize, reorder, adjust, revolutionize; restyle, remodel, recast, reconstruct; reform, refashion, redo, rebuild, recondition, make over; transshape, transform, transmute, transfigure; metamorphose, transubstantiate, transmogrify.
5. nauseate, sicken, unsettle, turn one's stomach, make one sick; offend, repulse, revolt, pall, make one's gorge rise; undo, unhinge, derange, disorder, upset.
6. put, apply, address, use, put to use, engage, employ; fit, adapt, suit, modify, regulate, maneuver; practice, exercise, bring into play, ply, bring into effect, bring to bear; actualize, carry out, effect, put into practice.
7. pass around, go around, round, turn the corner, make a turn, round the bend, double a point, round a point.
8. persuade, prejudice, color, influence, affect; par-tialize, bias, warp, incline; move, sway, induce, prevail upon, alter the belief of, change the opinion of.
9. decay, rot, spoil, putrefy, molder; curdle, sour, work, lopper, clabber, curd; go bad, reek, taint, stink, smell to high heaven, addle, stagnate.
10. aim, direct, point, head; incline, bend, bear, set, fix, lay; train, zero in, level; steer, lead, conduct, pilot; orient, position, put on the right track, Chiefly Scot. airt; lean.
11. avert, turn away, turn aside, ward off, parry; deflect, divert, shunt; countercheck, block, block the way; stave off, fend off, Archaic. forfend, check, foil; prevent, thwart, frustrate, balk.
12. shape, form, mold, cast, fashion, construct, formulate; express, style, couch, word, voice, verbalize; term, write, put, say.
13. curve, bend, swerve, flex; arch, arc, bow, vault, camber, Archit. embow; round, circle, circumscribe; crook, hook, inflect; twist, wind, curl, coil, spiral; loop, wreathe, twine; meander, zigzag, insinuate, worm, snake.
14. wrench, twist, contort, sprain, wrick; dislocate, tear, rupture; pull, jerk, catch, disjoint, overturn.
15. defect, go over, change sides, apostatize, desert, break faith; tergiversate, change loyalties, do an about-face; renounce, repudiate, cast off, forgo, abandon, forsake; turn renegade, go back on one's word, recant, hold with the hare but run with the hounds, renege, welsh.
16. put about, tack, cant, slue; swing, warp, veer, yaw; jibe, gybe, jib, haul, change course.
17. turn against
a. revolt, rebel, mutiny, rise against; oppose, fly in the face of, rise in arms, kick against, kick over the traces; dissent, protest, disagree, say no, demonstrate against; disobey, defy, spurn, repugn.b. betray, sell, sell out, play false, play Judas; stab in the back, trick, be false-hearted to, give the Judas kiss to.
18. turn back
a. retrace, go back, return.b. resist, drive back, beat back, repel, repulse, rebuff.
19. turn down
a. lessen, reduce, diminish, lower, decrease; dull, mute, soften, hush, quiet, muffle, stifle.b. refuse, reject, decline, deny, veto, turn thumbs down; disapprove, reprobate, dismiss, disallow, discredit; spurn, repudiate, refuse to listen to, ignore.
20. turn in
a. submit, hand in, tender, put forward, give; pass in, deliver, hand over, return, give back.b. inform on, deliver up, Sl. squeal on, rat on, tell on, Inf. blow the whistle on; finger, put the finger on, fink on, betray, Sl. snitch on, tattle; bear witness against, testify against, Brit. turn queen's evidence, turn state's evidence.c. retire, go to bed, bed, flop; repair, withdraw, call it a day, roll in, pile in; bid goodnight, say one's prayers, Sl. hit the sack, Sl. hit the hay, consult one's pillow.
21. turn into
a. drive into, walk into, pull into, steer into, come into.b. become, get, get to be, grow, turn out to be, go, wax, come, run; be changed into, be converted into, undergo a change, change into, pass into.
22. turn on
a. open, start, cause to flow, unstop, unseal; tap, throw open, tear open.b. switch on, flick on, plug in, flip on.c. activate, start, impel, stimulate, energize.d.Slang. excite, thrill, titillate, arouse, impassion; inspirit, inspire, touch, penetrate, work up; delight, gladden, Inf. tickle pink, elate.
23. turn out
a. produce, yield, bear, give, afford; make, put out, bring out, fabricate, manufacture.b. drive out, expel, dismiss, oust, discharge; boot out, bounce, bump, ax; can, fire, kick out, cashier, terminate.c. result, issue, arise, emanate, spring, proceed; ensue, supervene, follow from, flow from, stem, take rise.d. eventuate, become, come to be, grow to be, get to be; come about, end up, Inf. pan out.e.Informal. be present at, appear, Sl. make the scene, show up, show; attend, go to, come to, be at; come, make an appearance, arrive.
24. turn over
a. consider, reflect, ponder, wonder about, muse; contemplate, brood, mull over, ruminate, think about.b. transfer, give, hand over, commend, entrust, consign, commit, relegate.c. topple, upturn, flip, capsize, overturn, overthrow, upset, subvert; overset, knock over, keel over, bottom up, tip over, push over, turn turtle; overthrow, inverse, Fr. bouleverser.
25. turn tail
retreat, move back, recoil, turn and run, cut and run; run away, flee, fly, show a light pair of heels; dance the back step, bolt, take to one's heels, think with one's legs.
26. turn to
a. resort, have recourse to, appeal to, call upon, apply to.b. work at, attend to, devote, dedicate, give wholly to; buckle down, knuckle down, resign oneself to, give oneself up to, attach oneself to.c. change to, become, convert to.
27. turn to account
take advantage of, profit from, make the most of, make the best of; obtain a return from, realize a profit from, reap the fruits of, reap the benefits of; capitalize on, make money on, turn to gold.
28. turn up
a. fold up, upturn, pleat, plait, double, lap; tuck, ruck.b. till, plow, cultivate, turn over.c. uncover, find, unearth, discover, dig up; detect, spot, hit upon, come across.d. intensify, increase, raise, make louder, amplify.e. happen, occur, take place, come to pass.f. appear, arrive, present itself, manifest itself; show, show up, make an appearance, put in an appearance; come to notice, emerge, come into view, come to light; uprise, rise, arise, dawn; loom up, creep up, pop up, crop up, enter the picture, meet the eye; burst forth, break forth, come forth, drop from the clouds.
29. turn upon
depend upon, hang on, hinge on, turn on, swing on; be contingent upon, be conditional, be subject to.
30. movement, rotation, revolution, circle; gyration, circumvolution, circumgyration, circumrota-tion; circuit, cycle, round, circulation; wheel, gyre, roll, reel, turbination; twirl, whirl, spin, eddy, whirlpool, whirligig, pirouette; convolution, Anat. gyrus.
31. reversal, inversion, reversement, reversion; return, revulsion, reverse; retrogression, retroversion, turnabout, flip-flop, about-face, volte-face; change of heart, changeabout, rightabout, turnaround.
32. change, alteration, variation, difference, fluctuation, vicissitude; deviation, divergence, shift, switch, qualification; modification, adjustment, modulation, adaptation; transformation, transfiguration, metamorphosis, conversion; transmogrification, transubstantiation, transmutation, mutation, permutation.
33. renewal, revival, improvement, amelioration, betterment, change for the better; worsening, deterioration, change for the worse, relapse.
34. time, opportunity, chance; say, move, hand; Sl. crack, Sl. go, Sl. shot, Sl. whack, Baseball. at bat; shift, tour, tour of duty, trick, watch; spell, stint, period, cycle.
35. bend, curve, swerve, slue, skew, lurch; bow, arch, arc, vault, Archit. extrados; incurve, camber, crescent, lune, half-moon; veer, warp, bias, sweep, sheer, yaw, tack; twist, serpentine, winding, meander, curvature; flexure, incurvation, U-turn, horseshoe, U.S. oxbow; hook, crook, angle, corner, dogleg; hairpin turn, zigzag, Chiefly Scot. wimple; Geom. parabola, Geom. ellipse, Geom. epicycloid; deflection, double, divarication, divagation, deviation.
36. style, form, mode, manner; guise, phase, makeup; cast, fashion, mold, shape, cut, stamp, type; set, build, make; conformation, configuration, frame, format, construction.
37. bent, tendency, aptitude, flair, aptness; inclination, proclivity, propensity, proneness; penchant, capacity, felicity, affinity, partiality; liking, favor, predilection, predisposition; gift, knack, genius, talent, faculty; head, eye, ear, hand.
38. deed, act, action; service, favor, mercy, courtesy, good deed, grace; kindness, benefaction, benefit; boon; disservice, ill turn, hurt, harm, wrong, injury.
39. juncture, crossroads, turning point, crisis, crunch, turn of the tide; contingency, exigency, emergency; pinch, Inf. clutch, strait, pass, extremity; zero hour, moment of truth.
40. walk, hike, stroll, amble, tramp; jaunt, promenade, constitutional, stretch; march, traipse, ramble, airing; ride, spin, whirl, drive.
41. by turns
alternately, one after the other, one after another, every other, every second; successively, consecutively, reciprocally, back and forth.
42. in turn
in succession, in order, in rotation, in sequence; like dominoes, in a string, down the line.
43. take turns
alternate, change places, trade places, trade off; rotate, switch, exchange, interchange, Inf. swap; reciprocate, change off, change back and forth, Sports. platoon.
44. turn and turnabout
alternation, rotation, reciprocity, exchange, Inf. backscratching, give-and-take, like for like, tit for tat, quid pro quo, measure for measure; retaliation, reprisal, requital, retribution, vindication, blow for blow, a Roland for an Oliver, revenge, vengeance, an eye for an eye.

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